Health and fitness has been a passion of Ella’s for many years. Since an early age she was encouraged and supported by her family to take part in many different sporting activities and believes fitness is an important part of physical and mental wellbeing.

With a solid background as a competitive athlete and currently working towards becoming a personal trainer, when lockdown struck in March 2020, she found it difficult to find anything online that inspired her

When her family was turning to online workouts to get their heart rates going, there was nothing that inspired or motivated Ella to break a sweat, so she made up her own.

Ella understands that achieving a high-quality workout at home can be very challenging, especially without any specialist equipment (or a large dose of motivation).

By launching daily Wheelchair Workout sessions in YouTube, Ella quickly gained a large following of supporters and attracted interest from sponsors and community groups across the UK. Ella now hosts up to 10 online workout sessions per week for individuals up and down the country.

“During these workouts, I hope to make exercise fun and exciting, whilst simultaneously working on exercising our upper body muscles, helping to keep us fit and active."

Her Wheelchair Workouts have also led to a partnership with lifestyle solutions specialists Invictus Active, who supply a range of accessories and workout equipment for wheelchair users. Now Ella creates regular online workouts using the Invictus Active Trainer for cardio, weight loss, flexibility and endurance.

For Ella's other sessions, you do not need any specialised equipment to take part as all the items used in each video are readily available in every household. This may include the use of brooms, tin cans, water bottles or even an old pair of tights! She has also been known to add fancy dress to offer a special twist, encouraging Disney Princes and Princesses to get involved.


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