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Executive Research

Our research service covers a number of elements: creating a target list of companies; candidate identification; discreet approaches (to determine interest in – and suitability for – a particular role); telephone and/or face to face interviewing; written interview reports; offer negotiations and on-boarding support.

These elements can be selected independently or combined as a full package. 

Each project starts with a full briefing, by telephone or face to face, and findings are shared with our clients at every step.

Talent Pipeline & Succession Planning

Using the same initial process as for recruitment research, we expertly identify potential candidates to create a pipeline of talent, ready to be progressed as required.  This is generally an active pipeline.  We engage with people in just the same way as for a search, and those individuals may go on to have initial introductions with hiring companies early in the process.  We can then keep them warm, for when you may want to engage them further, or hand that aspect on to you.

Having a current pool of pre-qualified potential successors for critical positions is vital.  This process complements your own succession planning strategy and allows for internal candidates to be measured against the external market, early on.

Assessment & Selection Interviewing

Whilst these services are often wrapped up in a full executive research project, increasingly we are asked to provide support on assessment and selection independently.  This can include initial approaches to candidates already known to you, or candidates identified by your internal resourcing team, to gauge interest and suitability early on.  It extends to competency-based interviewing, either by telephone or face to face, (with detailed written interview reports) and support with the design and delivery of assessment centres and outplacement programmes. 

Get in touch for more information about our approach, methodologies, case studies, confidential examples of our work and charges.

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